Sintered components

aisi-logoGP Industry Support signed in November 2013 an agreement with the AISI Group (APLICACIONES INDUSTRIALES DEL SINTERIZADO), bringing together two companies that produce parts for the automotive industry in sintering of powdered metal reinforcing durability and strength of steel.

elementy-spiekaneAISI group are:

  • 25 employees
  • 5 million Euro turnover
  • 15% export to Germany, Italy, Great Britain, France, Central Europe

Produced items are intended for:

  • manufacturers of parts and components TIER1
  • spare parts manufacturers

elementy-spiekane-2Example of the offered parts of the assemblies:

  • parts to the customer’s order and drawing
  • double transmission of medical apparatus
  • adjust guide of the steering column
  • internal gear for steering gearbox
  • water pump transmission pulley
  • regulator of handbrake tension
  • lock for the steering column
  • water pump adapter plate
  • oil pump external rotor
  • oil pump internal rotor
  • door open controller

Company AISI can offer starting from 15,000 parts /month, also can make some parts traditionally stamped replaced by sintering which significantly reduces costs (these parts are ultimately for passenger cars, buses, vans).


ISO TS 16949: 2002


  • Continental Conttech
  • Behr
  • Tyssen Group
  • Visteon
  • Industrie Saleri Italio
  • Ugo
  • Grupo Antolin
  • Bugatti
  • Ficosa International
  • Dolz
  • Flex -N- Gate
  • Gestamp

Download presentation of the GP Industry Support company