Year 2016

In May 2016, the GP Industry Support company became the sole representative of Leifeld who specializes in production of spinning and metal-forming machines.

In August 2016 the decision was taken to increase employment and starting from September GP Industry Support employs 3 engineers, making it easier to contact customers. At that time additional contacts will be in Krakow – Gdynia – Bielawa.

Year 2015

GP Industry Support received first orders for its customers, such as Lomboser (manufacturer of the Fastrotator), Fontijne Grottnes and Espytes.

Year 2014

GP Industry Support has signed a contract agency with the companies:

  • since February 2014, we are the sole representative of the Polish market AISI company, which is engaged in the manufacture of sintered mainly to the automotive and water pumps
  • in July 2014 we have been the exclusive representative of FASTROTATOR on the Polish market, which manufactures special equipment for high-speed rotation of heavy steel structures during their assembly or welding

Year 2013

GP Industry Support expands additional products from the Fontijne Grotnes BV company, such as:

  • Tire & Wheel Assembly Lines
  • Cold & Hot Spinning Machines & Systems, Canning Machines & Systems
  • Laboratory Platen Presses

Also in 2013 signed an agreement on cooperation and Polish Market exclusivity with ESPYTES company, one of the leading manufacturers of non-standard cold-forged fixation parts.

Year 2012

GP Industry Support signed an agency contract with the Fontijne Grotnes BV company for exclusivity on the Polish Market. Under the agreement, the company expands its offer of specialized machines for metal forming, such as:

Year 2011

GP Industry Support has started cooperation with companies that offer services in:

  • Tube-bending (also perforated)
  • Production associated with machining
  • Production of metal stampings

The two companies with whom the GP Industry Support cooperates, have been nominated as a supplier to the Eberschpeacher company. In April, GP Industry Support extends its services on IT services.

Year 2010

GP Industry Support acquired three new projects:

  • Purchase of an electric generator with a rated power of 368 – 400 kW
  • Market Survey for powder coating
  • Analysis of market vendors for powder coating lines

Download presentation of the GP Industry Support company
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