Cold forged components

espytes-logoGP Industry Support signed in 2012 an agreement with ESPYTES for sale fasteners on the Polish market.

See the ESPYTES’ video


elementy-kuteExamples of applications in the automotive industry:

  • brackets
  • locks, hinges
  • parts of mirrors
  • cable ends and ties
  • steering components
  • brake pedal assembly
  • car-seats retention elements
  • rods and connectors in electrical components
  • elements of shock absorbers and suspension




If you are interested in an offer of fasteners of Espytes company, do not hesitate to send your inquiry on the non-standard items that meet the following conditions:

Material: various grades of Steel
Coating: to the clients’ specs
Diameter: Ø5 ÷ Ø25mm
Length: L=6 ÷ 180mm /max 240mm
Production per minute: 275

Annual volume: > 200 000pcs. (the tooling is on Espytes’ expense)


Download presentation of the GP Industry Support company