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leifeld GP Industry Support in 2012 signed an agency agreement with the Leifeld Metal Spinning AG company to represent it on an exclusive basis on the Polish Market.

Leifeld Metal Spinning

Leifeld Metal Spinning is world leader in the development and manufacturing of machine tools for chipless metal forming. For more than a century, the heritage brand ‘Leifeld’ stands for quality and innovation made in Germany. Almost 6,000 machines produced and installed world-wide are proof for our employees’ passion and commitment, working on quality, performance, and user friendliness of Leifeld machines.



Leifeld is worldwide leading manufacturer in spinning and flow-forming technology and has done pioneer work in both fields. Both, high professional competence and innovative technical solutions guarantee optimum results and solutions ready for serial production. On the following pages you will receive further information about the technologies of our innovative production processes.



Flow Forming

Flow Forming






Leifeld technologies offer a wide range of application possibilities. (Click the link to the left for further information)

image012Automotive Industry


image013Construction Industry


image014Lighting Systems


image015Chemical Industry


image016Aircraft Industry




image018Ventilation Industry




image020Metal Processing


image021Music Industry


image022Packaging Machinery


As we are innovative leader we are always looking for new applications. Get in contact with us for your project.

image025The AFPM series

The new AFPM machine concept has unbeatable advantages for producing cylindrical, conical or even stepped tubes and poles due to high flexibility, low investment and tooling costs, as well as drastic weight saving potentials.

image026The EN series

Leifeld has produced, sold, and implemented more than 100 necking-in machines. It shows Leifeld’s innovative competence and product quality. Get further information about our world champion.

image028The FFC series

Flow forming at its best: near-net-shape, flexible, and cost-efficient. The resource-saving material input plays a decisive role in future-safe light-weight technologies of complex drive components.

image030The KSA series

The KSA series convinces with high precision manufacturing of demanding safety equipment like seal ring slots in break pistons or clutch housings.

image032The PFC series

The PFC machines master profiling processes like splitting, folding, and rolling. Profiling respectively radial forming represents a cost-effective alternative for the production of pulleys. Pulleys machined from castings, or from solid, are relatively costly in terms of both, manufacturing time and material.

image034The SC series

Are you looking for a competitve alternative to conventional methods, like draw- or redraw-processes? Leifeld has continually developed and perfected spinning technology. The innovative concepts of the SC series speak for themselves.

image037The ST series

Ideal for manufacture of rotationally symmetric precision hollows. The cylindrical flow forming allows great potential for weight optimization, reduction of production steps, and control of wall thicknesses.

image039The WSC series

Lightweight construction is relevant especially in automotive industries. This problem is solved by resource-saving wheel flow-forming technology. The WSC series offers excellent product quality, resulting in light and at the same time stabile wheels.

More information can be found on the manufacturer’s website: leifeldms.com


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