Process optimization

This offer is addressed to any company that wants to improve its performance by reducing production costs, increasing efficiency and productivity, OEE, or by reducing the cost of the product. Optimization of the process relates mainly to improvements in production through the implementation of Lean Manufacturing tools such as Kaizen, Kanban, One Piece Flow. With the introduction of the basic systems we are able to help and advise small and medium-sized businesses what to do to be a better and more competitive. Overview of the process begins at the entrance to the company when the company is evaluated for the appearance during visits of possible suppliers, and shall review the entire production.

optymalizacja-procesuProcess optimization will involve the following steps:

  • recognition of the nature of the company, problems and needs of the customer
  • initial remarks
  • analysis of the current state
  • analysis of potential improvements
  • financial analysis of improvements
  • presentation to the client potential benefits of the changes
  • preparation of the timing plan
  • improvements implementation

The first two stages GP Industry Support company executes free of charge, the introduction of the next stages depends on the client. Very often it happens that after the presentation customer decides that he will take the further steps of optimization himself.

Download presentation of the GP Industry Support company