Green Field

GP Industry Support has got in its offer project management of Green Field type. This offer is addressed mainly to companies that provide their expansion strategy to open new branch in central Europe – Poland, as well as to companies that are planning to build or run the next factory in Poland. With investments like Green Field GP Industry Support company provides comprehensive advisory services, as well as supervises the all investment.

green-fieldThe offer like Green Field involves the following steps:

  • to get to know with the specificity of the customer
  • familiarize the customer with the specificity of the Polish Market
  • recommendation of at least 3 locations in Poland, taking into account all the pros and cons
  • providing all necessary information to prepare a final business plan
  • timing plan preparation and the supervision
  • registration of a company in Poland – a comprehensive Legal Assistance
  • looking for location for investment or properties for rent
  • design of the new facility – a comprehensive project supervision and management of all building permits and inspection
  • comprehensive supervision of construction investment
  • installation of machinery and equipment
  • assistance in hiring management staff and machine operators
  • there is also the ability to manage an establishment or activity on the basis of the daily management of the institution
  • reporting to the Customer in accordance with the requirements (financial, legal, manufacturing, and others)

If the investor decides to build a new plant in Poland, or start a branch company GP Industry Support will provide comprehensive services in this area.

Price of service is always a matter of arrangements on both sides, depending on the size of the investment as well as the scope of work.

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