Hydraulic presses

We are the sole and exclusive representative of SIGMA PRESSE in Poland

SIGMA PRESSE Ltd is located in the industrial zone of Stezzano, in the province of Bergamo, in an area that includes a warehouse dedicated to press construction, assembly and testing. 


In the rich offer, Sigma has hydraulic presses with a pressure of up to 5,000 tons, which can be used in the following industry sectors/processes:

• Automotive;

• sheet metal bending (yawn mold testing presses are also produced);

• hydraulic presses for the production of counterweights;

• pressing and sintering metal powders;

• composite materials;

• ceramic industry;

• hydraulic presses for pipe calibration;

• presses for the rubber industry (seals, melamine, brake pads);

• yawn mold testing presses.

All presses are made at the customer’s request – equipped with mold loading and unloading, with the option of installing an automatic mold exchange table as well as a lower and upper blank holder. In addition, our presses are certified in accordance with the European directive and meet all legal standards and are an ideal solution for working in complete safety.



SIGMA PRESSE manufactures electric screw presses with inverter in full respect for nature. The presses provide the ability to adjust ram speed and position in real time with extreme precision. The free cycle mode allows you to mimic the functions of hydraulic presses. Unlike hydraulic presses, electric presses do not use oil. The electric press is a mechanical press capable of adapting to all forming needs, from coining to deep drawing.



SIGMA PRESSE is strongly motivated to search for new applications, in particular, it implements the ENERGY SAVE program. By studying and manufacturing servo presses with highly energy efficient hydraulic systems that allow the end user in his production cycle to reduce energy consumption by 40% to 60% compared to a traditional hydraulic system. It also allows for significant noise reduction, resulting in better acceleration and speed. The ENERGY SAVE system almost completely eliminates overheating of the hydraulic oil, thereby reducing oil consumption, and also saves energy by reducing heat.


More information: www.sigmapresse.com/en/

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