Reaching new clients

GP Industry Support is meeting the needs of Polish and foreign companies that are looking for new suppliers and consumers of their products. This offer is addressed to all Polish companies that want to grow, which have required machinery, perform good quality product and looking for a new client or a new market for your business. For companies outside Poland which do not know this market well, we provide the service of obtaining a new supplier. New customers are not only the Polish Market, thanks to the many contacts we are trying to introduce the companies to the European Markets, including the Eastern Markets – with in particular emphasis on the Russian market.

pozyskiwanie-klientowOffer for Polish companies consists of the following steps:

  • technical analysis of the plant and its capabilities
  • an audit of the company
  • market analysis
  • establishing cooperation with potential customers
  • consulting on product manufacturing
  • supervision over quotation of the product to the customer
  • assistance in negotiations and discussions

The offer for foreign companies involves the following steps:

  • technical analysis of RFQ – analysis of the technical drawing of the component
  • analysis of market of Polish vendors
  • calling tenders
  • presentation of the offers to the customers

Price for service:

  • Polish clients who are looking for a new supplier – the price depends on the size of the project and the potential for future cooperation – in this case the price is calculated as a percentage of the contract value
  • For foreign customers – the price for the search of the supplier depends on the amount of items.

Please also note that, in accordance with our mission for the cooperation between the supplier and the new client the whole of our salaries is covered only by the supplier which was introduced to the new market.

Download presentation of the GP Industry Support company