Thanks to the wide range of advanced presses one can manufacture details in a broad range of sizes, thickness and shape. Many-year experience allows the utilization of many types of materials, e.g. steel, aluminium, and stainless steel.


The automatic transfer lines allow to offer forming of very large dimension, complicated shapes. The total force of these presses reaches 1450 or 1950 tons divided among 7 machines manufacturing products from rolls or sheets.

For smaller details production is based on progressive tools. The 200-600-ton presses can manufacture details from several to several hundred square centimetres.
For deep drawing production utilizes a 500-ton hydraulic press. This is a state-of-the-art device in its class. The press saves time and effort, and thus offers competitive pricing.

The range of machines also includes presses with a lower pressure force for the manufacture of low-serial production or products requiring individual tools.


We offer a full cycle of the tools -from design to testing. State of the art software tools for modeling 3D environment in collaboration with own toolroom assure optimum technological solutions. Toolroom is equipped with a diverse, modern CNC machines and is constantly being expanded. Experienced technologists provide a quick start for mass production.


As part of the additional services we provide a wide range of aditional processes for stampings.
In particular, these are a variety of welding processes: spot welding and tanning, welding: automated and manual. One of the advantages is flexible and efficient multi-axis machine for threading. In case of a need for purification of the product, we offer you two washing lines based on Japanese technology detergent-free.

wytloczki-metalowe-3Implemented processes

  • spot welding
  • welding
  • threading
  • washing


From one sticker to complex details. From a screw to electronics… Regardless of the level of complexity and applied elements, it is possible to design an optimum assembly process and to implement it quickly, making use of wide range and depth of experience.

wytloczki-metalowe-4Laboratory Services

Assuring clients a high level of quality, we offer a base of research-measuring facilities which are services one may utilize.

The following processes are among our capabilities:

  • testing the chemical composition [PZ1] of materials
  • measurement utilizing a Carl Zeiss Contura 3D device
  • measurement with the use of a Romer’s measuring arm

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