Coil feeding line

Since 1950 Saronni produces feeding and cut to length lines and is considered one of the world leaders in coil processing technology.
With lines installed all over the world and hundreds of customers active mainly in the automotive and household appliance sectors, Saronni is the perfect partner for demanding customers looking for automated systems with high technological content.
Saronni offers to its customers a wide range of machines useful to answer to every kind of need in the feeding line field. Besides the feeding and cut to length lines for presses, Saronni proposes also blanking lines, embossing lines, edges rounding and strip accumulation (SUPERCOIL) lines, machines and automatic lines for discs cutting and stacking.

  • More than 4,500 lines installed worldwide
  • Hundreds of active customers
  • Export to 20 countries
  • 5% invested in research and innovation

Main products:

  • Feeding lines with loop
  • Compact feeding lines
  • Feeding lines for magnetic strip
  • Feeding lines for fine blanking
  • Blanking lines
  • Cut to length lines
  • Automatic disk cutting lines
  • Embossing lines


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